Access to Phonics and Literacy -   First published in the Magazine of the British Association of Teachers of the Deaf (BATOD) in 2009.  Over the years Teachers of the Deaf have tried to give their pupils full literacy – but with varied success.  What do children need in order to become literate?

Literacy, Synthetic Phonics and Cued Speech - An article by Anne Worsfold, Executive Director, Cued Speech Association UK. She highlights the fact that, unlike most deaf children, those brought up with Cued Speech are just as able to benefit from synthetic phonics as hearing children. But what is synthetic phonics? And how can it be used with deaf children? This article explains how Cued Speech can help and also gives an update of work with students and teachers at the Exeter Royal Academy for Deaf Education (ERADE). Published in our Winter 2007 Newsletter.

Cued Speech and literacy - Anne Worsfold, Cued Speech Association UK, explains how she used Cued Speech to help her deaf sons to read. Materials are available to support literacy teaching in the classroom. Cued Speech Activities for Children, is a brand new, comprehensive CD-ROM of printable teaching materials by June Dixon-Millar, founder of CSAUK, designed to be compatible with any reading scheme. Published in BAToD Magazine September 2006.

Article published in BATOD mag feb 07 -From BSL; to BSL and Cued Speech; to BSL, Cued Speech and spoken English; and on to full literacy and full bilingualism: Will’s story.

Report by Cate Calder and Gill Banham - The use of Cued Speech and synthetic phonics to support literacy skills at the 'Exeter Royal Academy for Deaf Education' (ERADE),